Sunday, May 17, 2020

How to Bring Your Scissors Back to New Condition

Hello everyone!   Today I'm sharing with you how I brought my
scissors back to like NEW CONDITION!
While I'm sheltering-at-home, I thought this would be an excellent time to really
clean my scissors!  I've been paper crafting for 14 years and have never
really given them a good cleaning!  I thought it would also give me a chance
to see what the Best Cleaner Ever could do!

I laid out a double thickness of paper towel on my glass media mat.  I laid out
3 pairs of scissors at a time.   They were pretty dirty!  I sprayed them with the
Best Cleaner Ever and let them sit for a few minutes.

This was batch number one with the scissors I use most often.

This is Batch #2.  The Tim Holtz scissors I use to cut very sticky adhesive backed
foam for my unmounted rubber stamps...they were particularly nasty.  

After letting the scissors set for a few minutes, I wiped them off with a paper towel,
followed by using the Perfect Cleaning Cloth.  

Batch #1 all clean!

Batch #2 - very clean - like new!

WOW!  How clean are my scissors!!!!!!

My scissors are just shining like they are new!  As an added benefit, the cleaner
soaked through the double paper towel I was working on and also cleaned up
my glass media mat!!!!  I gave it a final wipe down with the Perfect Cleaning Cloth
and it's now very clean as well!

Using the Best Clean Ever and with Perfect Cleaning Cloth is a perfect
combination for all those cleaning projects - not only in the craft room but
lots of things in your house!!!!!

If you haven't tried these products you are in for a treat!  Head over to

And try all of their magical products today!!!!

Thank you for stopping by today!


In my capacity as a design team member for SraPerfect, I do receive the products I use from them. 
All opinions and creative decisions remain my own, and I only work with companies/use products that I love.


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