Sunday, April 8, 2018


Hello Everyone!

I am so sorry I have missed a few weeks.  I was very sick a for a few weeks, but I'm on the mend now.  But the extra time has given me more opportunities to use my new STAMPARATUS from Stampin' Up.  I won this from Stamping' Up demonstrator Bobby Fort - who very generously had a giveaway!  I believe that these will be available in June.  I will be comparing this to the regular sized MISTI today.  Make sure you read till the end because I'm having a giveaway of my own!!!!!!

So first - the size.  The STAMPARATUS is 8" x 8".  The MISTI is 8" x 10".  The STAMPARATUS IS 7/8" thick.  The MISTI is 1/2" thick.  The lid on the STAMPARATUS is over 1/8" thick.  The lid on the MISTI is less than 1/8".  The STAMPARATUS is open on 2 sides.  The MISTI is enclosed on all sides.  The bottom of the STAMPARATUS is plastic grid with non-skid disks.  The bottom of the MISTI is a very thin dense foam.  I did not weigh them, but the MISTI is slightly heavier.

I have been using the STAMPARATUS exclusively for the past 3-4 weeks.  I have used old stamps, brand new stamps and rubber stamps.

It comes with 2 bar magnets, but alas no grid paper.  It has a grid on both of the lids and underneath this foam piece.  I really prefer grid paper and I think it will be available - for now I have cut down a piece from my MISTI.  Of course, the great thing about this stamp positioner is the fact that it has 2 lids.  This is great for layered stamping and also when you are making more than one card with multiple stamps.  There are also special techniques that work well with this.  One of those techniques is "walking your stamps"....say what?   Position your paper towards the top edge...where the 2 hinged sides are.  Place your stamp on one lid and stamp.  Life the lid out and place it one hinge down and stamp...keep going until your panel has all the stamping:

The lid lifts in and out super easy and yet feels firm when it is in place.  It also stamps like a dream.  I found I didn't have to use as much pressure to initially pick up my stamps and to stamp.  When using new stamps I get a perfect impression the first time.

There are a few cons...just a few.  You cannot store the STAMPARATUS with both lids on.  It can only be stored with one lid on, so you have to store the other lid.   And when not in use I would not advise placing anything on top of it.  It does not sit perfectly flush to the base and I think you could damage it if you placed something on it.  I tend to stack things so I did find that to be a con.  The other issue was the grid paper, but, like I mentioned before, I think I saw on a video or something on their website that indicated there would be grid paper.

All in all this is a real keeper for me.  And it has a great price point as well - around $50.00.  I'm not ready to give up either of my MISTI's yet, but I do have another stamp positioning tool that I am giving away!

This is a STAMP PERFECT by Hampton Art and I am giving it away!  The rules of my giveaway are:
  • follow me on Instagram @betsybirgeart
  • leave me an answer to the following question here on my blog:
    • What drives you to create with paper?
This giveaway closes on April 29th and is open worldwide.  Winner will be chosen by random number generator.

Hope you win!  And I look forward to hearing from you!

To find out more about the STAMPARATUS or how to order one, contact your local Stamping' Up demonstrator or go to @bobbyspapercraft on Instagram and follow the link to his website - it's awesome!!!!!



  1. I have always loved to create! Using paper I have to use all of me! My mind to imagine and set into motion my idea. My brain to make everything work,my eyes, my hands and of course you've got to have heart.

  2. Thank you for the review. Too bad it’s not available at the store. I still love my MISTI though it would be super handy and quick to have 2 lids for stamp layering. Regarding the grid paper, if the grid is the same size as those of the MISTI, you can make your own using a vinyl grid that can be found in the sewing aisle of your fabric store. That what I use. I don’t use the paper grid that come with the MISTI and can be reuse over and over again.


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